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Client query:


Please find below the client query,

Please check the email archives space occupied. I think the same is not needed. Request do needful.



1) To check the disk usage of user directory:

# cd /home/stshahco/

# du -sch *

Example: mail directory consumed more disk usages under the user.

33M etc
5.7M logs
359M mail
179M public_html
47M tmp

2) To check the disk usage of the mail directory:

# cd /home/stshahco/mail/archive/

# du -sch *

Example: The ".YYYY-MM-DD" format hidden directories are consumed more disk usage
40K .outgoing
51M .outgoing.2016-12-16
18M .outgoing.2016-12-17
14M .outgoing.2016-12-18
37M .outgoing.2016-12-19
19M .outgoing.2016-12-20
20M .outgoing.2016-12-21
15M .outgoing.2016-12-22
13M .outgoing.2016-12-23
18M .outgoing.2016-12-24
28K .outgoing.2016-12-25
28K .outgoing.2016-12-26
201M total


The email archiving feature helps a cPanel user to save incoming, outgoing, and mailing list messages for a specified amount of time. The system stores the messages in the mail directory in the user’s home directory. Each day, the system generates a new directory with the archive type ".YYYY-MM-DD" format that contains all of the specified archive type’s messages, please refer to the below the record.

- When the system receives a message, it immediately archives the message.
- This action occurs before the system applies any filters.
- The system archives both spam and non-spam emails.
- The system does not archive messages that you receive before you enable the Archive feature

Advice the client,

By default, it will come along with the mail setting and we can't disable it from our end and it's not suggestable so please advise the client to upgrade the package. These archive emails will not get removed automatically. So kindly advise your clients to remove it manually.


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